Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The main message


As you might know, this is a project dedicated to X Japan’s 30th anniversary. So, we’re making them a little something. What do you have to do?

First, please leave a comment with your name & country so that we could have an idea of the number of people participating.
Secondly, the project has two sections, I obligatory, II optional.
I (obligatory)
FIRST STEP: You will have to write a message. We would like it to be up to 50 words (maximum). It will have to contain the words “X Japan” and “30” and let your imagination go wild! THE MESSAGE WILL BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH. (the Japanese fans can have their message in Japanese)

SECOND STEP: After we’ll collect the messages from each country, you will have to record yourselves, saying the picked message for your country THE MESSAGE WILL BE SAID IN ENGLISH, the people who don't speak english can write the message in a flag or banner. At the end of the message, you will have to say “We are X” JUST in your own language and do the X sign with your arms. The Japanese X fans can have their message said in Japanese.

NOTE: If you can’t record yourself, you can write 30 on your arms, like 3 on one and 0 on the other so it is seeable when you do the X, and just send us the picture.

NOTE: THE VIDEO YOU WILL RECORD HAS TO HAVE YOUR FACE ON IT! If you don’t feel comfortable, wear make-up or glasses or sunglasses.

DO’s (You can and it’s not obligatory) wear your X Japan shirt/pink hair/makeup or hairstyle inspired by X Japan/full cosplay/your X Japan stuff in the background or hold a plushie inspired by X.

DONT’s (all are obligatory): The only thing in your own language that can be said is “we are x”. Contact your country’s Street Team if you want to include something.

II (not obligatory, only if you want and only if you can)
DO’s: If you want to do something more, or you can’t record the message or take a picture with the 3 and the 0, we will give some ideas. Fanarts are accepted. If you have any other idea but you don’t know if it can be used, please post it on the wall of this event.
DONT’s: Use ONLY YOUR personal art!
COVERS: Yes, they are accepted. In the message where you will say from which country you are, tell us if you also want to make a cover.

NOTE: If you want, you can do only the cover or only the fanart or only the picture and not the recorded video.

End of part II.

HOW TO SEND: After you record the message, we’d like you to upload it on youtube, and check *Only people with the link can see the video* and send the link to us. Mediafire is allowed too

First deadline: 9th April. Please click Yes or No, not “maybe participating”. But if you want to participate even after this deadline, you can.

Second deadline: 28th April: We would like this to be the last day when the countries can submit their messages.

Third deadline: 12th May. We would like to have by this day all the videos and things at II part.

The deadlines were changed! Read the first pharagraph of this post:

QUESTIONS: If you have any type of questions, please write it on the wall of this event. Someone will answer you as fast as they can.

The Romanian Street Team’s email :

IMPORTANT:(!) Please do NOT send Yoshiki this link or the link of the event on twitter. We want everything to be a surprise!


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  2. ohh no one still left comment ww *.*
    btw WE ARE X!!! :)

    and Svetlana Stricevic - country: Serbia ~ :)

    will work on it to be on time so I can send you guys , on your email right? :)

  3. Hello! We will write you right now, but please, next time, write on the fb event. First, the people from Serbia will have to decide on a message that will be the same for the whole country. After that, you will have to record yourself saying the picked message. You have time to decide on it, until 28th April. Yes, the chosen message and recorded video will be sent on our email ^^.