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Frequently asked questions

Q:Hello! You were talking about avatars...what are they and how can I do one for my country?

A: First of all, before a country's participants say their message, there will be an avatar presenting their country. The avatar is a picture that has to have a close connection between your country and X Japan. In the avatar, it must be seen CLEARLY what country it is, that means that the avatar will have to have your flag/country name or anything that clearly shows what country will be shown next. About X Japan, it can be the members, a drawing of them, or incorporate somehow the "X" or anything that shows we are talking about X. Using "30" or making allusions to the anniversary is not obligatory, it's your choice. The avatar may be done in traditional art (pencil, paint etc) or digital art. It must NOT contain real photos of the fans, do not misuse the terms "picture of the fan" and "avatar"! The avatars must be sent until 24th June on our mail. Be original! If you have doubts if your idea for an avatar can be used, or you have any other questions, please contact us. There will be only one avatar per country. If your country will not have one until 24th June, we will use only your country's flag. About the size, if you can, please make it around 1000x800 (not obligatory, if you can't do it this way, we'll still accept it.)

Q: What is the length of the video that we send you? About how many minutes?

A: Well, you will have to send us the video of you saying the picked message for your country, so it depends on the length of the message. But we don't think it normally should take more than 5 minutes. (it depends mostly on the message)

Q: How will the video be edited?

A: Everyone will record themselves saying the WHOLE message, not just a part they want. Because we don't want to get, let's say, 10 video of people saying the first half of the message, and no one the second half. We will cut a phrase from each video and assemble a big video. The countries will be well delimitated. Everyone, no exception, will appear in the video, even if they say only "X".

 Q:Are there any restrictions?

A: Actually yes. Of course, no nudity, obscene positions (or obscene background or your bathroom as background)  or swearing. Please talk loud and clear, slowly if you need to, take your time, so that we can hear you. (it's not nice to send you a message saying "please record the video again") Record yourself until you are happy with it.

Q: I want to do a cover. Is any song accepted?

A: We were thinking to allow only the song X (for obvious reasons) but if you can't do that, send us any cover you want. We just want it to sound okay.

Q: What are you exactly going to do with the videos we send?

A: As a great participant said "We will cut one phrase from each video and paste into one big video". In the end, it will be a big fanmade video, looking at the participants, we can say it will be maybe over an hour or so.

Q: How do you plan to send it?

A: Well, Yoshiki's, Sugizo's, X Japan's official twitters, ToshI's official facebook (now it isn't controlled by HoH anymore, it's 100% his) and Heath's and Pata's personal webpages. If someone can go and give it in someone's hand, like a member or make sure it will reach one of the members. we, we swear, we will pay and make a CD (CD skin and all that) and a cover for the CD and other things (we already have something in mind if this case occurs) and will pay all the transport fees to your place.

Q:Can we do a group video? Like a group of me and my friends making it together? 

A: Yes, you can do a video of you and your friends but you have to follow some rules. You can have one or two people talking, if the other people can't speak English at all, or you can have each one say a phrase, or you can all talk at the same time. You will have to say the message that is chosen for your country! Do not add any other message or song or anything at all on the clip. If you add something extra we will cut it, if you add a song, we will ask you to resend the unaltered video or shoot it again. If it's not possible to shoot it again, we are sorry for you.

 Q:A Street Team from Y country is allowed to do a group video with all fans, but if I can’t participate in that event, can I do an individual video or photo and send it to them instead?

A: Yes. If you can’t go to that appointment, you can do it on your own. You have to say the message your country decides on! And if you don’t want to do a clip, you can send us your photo/fanart/cover (indications on the Main message)

Q: I'm appearing in a group video. But I also want to appear alone, also do a fanart and a cover. Can I do all 4?

A: If you are the only person who talks in the group video (you have been chosen to or you are the only person who can speak English) you can't. If you don't talk at all, you can. Also, you can do a fanart and a cover AND a video, but you cannot sing the message you have to say.

Q: I'm from country A, but now I live in country B. Do I appear as from country A or B?

A: If you are from country A, but now live and are a citizen of country B, you can choose whatever you like. If you are from country A, but live only for a short period of time in country B,(maybe studying for a year or two) you will have to write yourself as from country A,

Q: You keep talking about Street Teams. My country doesn't have a Street Team or someone to represent us. What do I do? I cannot contact and keep in touch with 10 to 20 people, I don't have time.

A: After 9th April, communitary facebook groups will be made for countries that don't have an active street team or a forum -China's case-. You will be contacted (either messaged with the group's link or sent a friend request if messaging isn't possible) if you have written on our wall your country and name. If you won't be contacted, it's our mistake. (or facebook's) In any case, we will post every communitary group on the "Who participates list" right next to the country.

Q: It's after 9th April. Do I still have to write my name and country?*There may be various derivations from this:It's after 28th April/10th May.Do I still have to write my name and country?*

A: Yes, in all cases you have to write. Even if the message has been chosen for your country already. You may think it doesn't count but it does. Let's say there are 20 people from country X. They have a message of 40 words. After 12 May, we wake up with 75 (EXTREME case) people from country X, because 55 found out after 28th April and didn't announce themselves, thinking they didn't have to, since the message was posted and they didn't feel like changing it. What do we do now? We could erase some people that didn't introduce themselves, but that is rude, and we are nice people. Because in a 40-word message, we can't have 40 people saying each a word, and 35 people saying "X". Try and say "X" 35 times. Yeah, it doesn't sound adorable after the 23th time.

Q: It's after 12 May. Can I still give you my video?

A: Yes. We will find you a space somewhere. It's too late only if we already made the whole video.

Q: I have to send you only the video, not anything else, right?

A: It would be nice if you also send us the country you are from as a comment or anything, its easier than check 40-something messages and see which one is from the country you are from.

Q: Each country will say their messages one after another, without anything in between?

A: Of course not. As a side not, we will take the countries alphabetically. Before one country starts saying their message, we will write which country we are talking about and put an image. For the street teams, it will be their twitter/fb avatar (if you don’t want it, send us the image you want to appear) For the countries that don’t have a street team, we will put your flag and an X, or if you don’t want this, send us what image you want (We would like to contain your country’s flag, or something representative for your country)

Q: You mention reading the recorded message. Can't we be a little more spontaneous? Reading a message seems scripted.

A: don't have to look into a paper and read. It may look scripted, but if it is spontaneous, we don't know how we'll manage to make the video and make up a message looking only at the videos. We have almost 500 people participating, so if everyone says a message, even one minute/person may seem from the person's view short, but from the watcher's view long.

Q: Is there a winner per country? And what do we win? 

A: This is not a contest. There is no such thing as a winner or a loser.

Q: I am the only person from my country, what do I do?

A: Well, if you don't find another X fan from your country, you will still have to make a message and record a video. Yes, you will have to send us the message, because you never know if there is going to be another X fan from your country participating maybe on 11th May and not knowing what message he/she has to say. Plese don't feel bad if you're the only participant from your country.
Q: I sent a message on your mail but I'm not sure you got it.

A:  You can write on our event wall if you don't know if you got it and we will answer you.

Q: I didn't understand something but I'm too shy to ask on the wall.

A:You can either write on our email or direct message someone (you can DM pages if they have the new timeline). We will not tell anyone about your identity.

Q: There isn't a translation in my language. There are people who would like to participate, but they do not understand.

A: If you cannot translate it yourself or you did not understand, tell us and we will try to find someone to translate. But if you can, please translate it in your language and send it on our email. We will credit you, of course.

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