Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Text from the slides in the trailer

~The text written on the slides of the first demo-animation video~

1.         As you have probably got used to this, do NOT send this link to any member of X
(Also, don't tag Yoshiki or ToshI on Facebook or "@" Yoshiki or Sugizo on Twitter)

2.                But spread this YouTube link around the fandom, among your X friends
Don’t forget to read the description of this YouTube video,
for some clarifications you might need
Important: the final deadline was moved on 1st of July.
This is the last change made in the schedule

3.                                                                     Purpose of the trailer

4.                     This is a trailer made to answer some of your doubts and questions.
And show you (in a demo-animation) how your recorded videos
will be assembled into the final form, and what a country’s video will look like

 5.                    This is just an example because each processed video will differ
from country to country, depending on the number of participants and what they send

 6.                                                                More about the Yoshikitties

 7.          The animation was made with Yoshikitties, representing the people from a fictive country 
They are dressed in 15 representative costumes from around the world but, in this animation,  they are supposed to represent only one country

8.              The order of the Yoshikitties' appearance was randomly chosen and their number
       was limited, so we couldn't include all the participant countries.  
But we want to thank everyone who involves and participates in this project.
                                    Together we can do it! \o/

 9.    This his is the demo-message said by the Yoshikitties (it was made especially for the trailer,
                      it wasn’t taken from any country’s message posted on the blog)

30 years…
They have passed
in a blink of an eye.
All this time, you
have stayed with us,
inspired us,
made us smile,
through your music.
At least,
we can show you
our appreciation,
thanking you
for the time together,
by saying:
Congratulations! We are

11.                      Now, enough with the talk, here is the animation. Hope you like it!

12.                                                                                 Last notes

13.          If you have any other question, or an unique  idea and you don’t know if it can be used,
                                       ask us on the Romanian ST’s email. We'll surely answer!
Don't forget, the deadline for sending your materials is July, 1st!
One more thing: if you really want to say something to a certain member,
you can record another video, from which just a little part will be taken

14.       *Only* For countries with Street Teams involving (search the link for this at the description), send them the materials (videos/photos/fanarts/covers etc.) and only the questions to the Romanian ST

15.                                We hope we've answered some of your unspoken questions
                    through this video(and don’t forget to check this YouTube video description)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final messages

Hello! We have received most of the messages that will be said.
This is not the end of the project yet, the next step is recording yourself saying the message and send it to our email. Please choose only your country's message and no other message! If you will add more words to the message, or change it, that part will not be shown, so it's not worth trying. These messages cannot be changed, if you want to change it, please contact us on the mail(x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro) and tell us why.
Some messages are not posted yet, we are waiting for them (we detailed more about this issue in the message we sent on facebook). Please don't think that the countries that haven't posted yet are inspiring from the other messages, if we see the smallest resemblance, we will ask them to redo that part.
Please tell us if there is any problem with your message. If your country's message isn't here then we did not receive it through mail, fb groups or our fb accounts.

Also, please check the first question on the FAQ'S regarding the avatars for countries(also an important part) Click here and look at the first question

 Avatar update español: credits @aPinkSpider

NOTE: In the video, please speak loud, clearly, slowly if you need to. No one is rushing you, take your time. The more you are away from the camera, the louder you will have to speak. If you have to read the message and can't learn it by heart, it is understandable. Please look in the paper, speak, look again, speak. You looking in the papers will not be shown on the video, only one part where you are talking. Also, please don't speak the "We are X" part like "Wearex!" *in your language, of course, we are now saying it in English just to give an example* Please say it more like "We are...X!" *just a small space between the words, so you can put accent on the X*
If you are doing individual videos, you are not allowed to edit them.
If there are group videos, you can if you want, but it is entirely optional and up to you.

NOTE: When you send us the video/picture/fanart/cover, please specify the country. In the case of covers and fanarts, please also give us your name or nickname(to know whom to credit).

NOTE: Countries noted like this "Country*" already have an avatar.




Thanks for joining us in the days of happiness and sadness. For sharing his thoughts and prove that it is possible to fulfill our dreams if we work really hard for them. Our bond will never break because we are part of the same feeling.
Thanks for existing. Happy 30th Anniversary.




We celebrate your thirty birthday. We love you very much, you're inspire us! You're the best of the best. We really believe, that we meet you forty and fifty birthday! WeAreX! Мы Х!


Hi X Japan, we are *insert name* from Belgium, we want to thankyou for making wonderful music for all those years, and al those wonderful times! We hope you can once come to Belgium! We love you,keep on making music,we will keep on listening forever.Wij zijn X!

Thanks for do a rose breath love in our lives. Your talent, love, and dedication do not end here 30 years and more, the rain will not stop falling.
We are your fans from Bolivia, Nosotros somos X!


This year with Yoshiki, hide, Heath, Pata, Toshi, Sugizo and Taiji in our hearts, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of a legend called X Japan, an endless dream, an unconditional passion, an uncontainable love that makes our souls deeply scream as just one voice: Nós somos X!


You’ve told us “nothing is impossible”. October 3rd, 2010 in Vancouver and October 7th, 2010 in Toronto, you’ve made us Canadians X fans, young and old, believe this and wanting more! Thx guys! Happy 30th anniversary X Japan and to many more! With love from Canada…Nous sommes X! We are X!


Hi X Japan! We are from Chile and we are happy to participate in this great Project…
X Japan has been with us for years, your songs and lyrics have touched our souls. We are proud of you, so we send you the biggest hug from our hearts.
Now the best band in the world celebrates 30 years and the hope that X-Japan returns to Chile increases every time we watch your videos. We’ll be waiting for you.
Thank you for inspiring everyday in our lives with your music. X Japan will live forever in us.
Congratulations and keep on rockin’! ¡Somos X!


We can't SAY ANYTHING to express our FOREVER LOVE when we heard THE LAST SONG of X JAPAN, all we can see is the SCARS on our hearts, then the TEARS fall down like the ENDLESS RAIN that we can't control you are the JADE for us, we even can't feel the ART OF LIFE WITHOUT YOU, we have a strong LONGING for world tour. 我們是  X!


We want to congratulate you for your 30th aniversary of artistic life, and we express our great love for you... Simply, thank you very much for existing, for sharing this great talent of you with us, thank you very much. Somos X!



30 years Light of true Art, perfection in music, X JAPAN our endless inspiration, made our souls full of love, curing our wounds. X JAPAN our precious treasure & Joker of life! Beautiful Rose that will bloom forever! FREAKING FOREVER LOVE Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Taiji, Sugizo! We Are X!

Czech Republic

Happy 30th anniversary X Japan! Take care and keep the awesome job. You are the best! My jsme X!




We still see your endless rain of Dahlias 
Falling on our hearts
Today, we'd like to participate in the celebration of the 'X Japan's Forever Love'
Because 'We are X', for 30 years now and forever
Because X is the sign of unfinished possibilities 
And because this is the Art Of Life.
Nous sommes X!


Dear Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, hide and Taiji,
Thank you for 30 years of great music. This brought us together as X family. You achieved so much, we’re sure there is more to come! We are proud to be your fans! Let’s eat Currywurst together soon!
Wir sind X!!!

Hong Kong

Happy 30th Anniversary~! 
Thank you for bringing us those amazing music all the time.
You 7 guys are the legend. We are very proud of you!
Wish you'll keep rocking 'til the world ends.
Please X Hong Kong again and we fxxkin' love you!! 

(note for Hong Kong about "WE ARE X" part: in Chinese for the message and in Cantonese in the video)




30 years have passed since X JAPAN first rocked the world but X JAPAN is still THE BEST. Happy 30th ANNIVERSARY, please keep rocking and proving that dreams do come true. Thanks for all of the experience and music. We're looking forward for anything from you. Kita adalah X!


When the stars bright and free stay together 30 years – it’s a miracle. Please continue to be what you are.
אנחנו יקס


Once upon a time, in the far east, there was a crowd jumping:
screaming "X" to the music, x-crossing arms up.
Thirty years later, that soulful sound spreads,
it melts with eternal feelings and gives us
the soundtrack for our dreams.

To X Japan, greetings from Italy!!!
Noi siamo X.








X-Japan = infinity. Congratulations & we all feel proud to be a part of X-Japan in this 30 years & nothing can stop us, we will keep rocking! Kami adalah X.


A darkened stage, millions of people waiting with their hearts beating hard while they listen to a deep voice calling out the name of the band "X JAPAN"; the light comes on strongly, the music softly becomes the only surrounding sound. Not even the screams of excitement could manage to overshadow it.
A legend that has reached many countries and cultures, breaking the language barriers and differences between customs, since we speak through your music which ignores prejudices and makes us brothers, makes us become one. Your music soothes our hearts, because it creates calm. Your passion conveys energy and speed makes us jump.
A million of decades are nothing if you stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
Thanks for giving us all your strength, your tears and for teaching us that to cry in the name of the pain can be just as beautiful as to cry in the name of love.
Thank you for devoting your life to the creation of beautiful melodies and for sharing them with us.
That's why you deserve more than our respect and our gratitude.
Congratulations on your 30th anniversary.
Our hearts haven't stopped even for a single moment.
For thirty years the blue blood has been flowing through our veins, for thirty years we have been blue roses exposed in the dessert, for thirty years we have been X with you and have sung to the pain and the love at the same time, making us forget all the sorrow, we hold hands to shout in one voice: SOMOS X!




Hi X-Japan! We are *insert name*from Morocco. Happy 30th anniversary! We're looking forward to our first X-japan concert, it would be a dream come true. We are very proud to be your fans, your music amazes us in every situation, we always feel great through you. Take care, we love you. Nahno X!


It's hard to believe that X Japan already exists 30 years, because your music is still f**king awesome! Keep on rocking, playing and touring. You made our life so much better! Wij zijn X!

New Zealand 

Hi from New Zealand! Just as your music is always here for us, we will always be there for you. We are X!!




We are more than fellows, more than friends, more than brothers. A stronger feeling joins us. Somos Uno, Somos X


Hi X Japan.We're all very excited to know that you're watching us. We have no words to tell you all our feelings but you know that we are so glad because you came to our country and you gave us the best concert of our lives. We hope to see you again around here. SOMOS X!


Greetings from the Philippines!!!

30 years of great music
30 years of standout performances.
30 years of existence
30 years of unforgettable experience.

30 years living off tours
30 years of writing good songs
30 years of companionship
30 more years
X Japan, the greatest!!!

Happy 30 years!!!
Kami ay X!!!!


Hello X Japan,

Psychedelic Violence, Crime of Visual Shock! It's (...)* from Poland here. Thirty years passed, but we are going to spend next thirty years and more with your music. We love you and wish you the best! Hope you'll visit Poland one day. Jesteśmy X!
(...)* = name




The stage was awaiting and you joined it.
It has started 30 years ago. Will it ever stop?
Back then, no one could have ever guessed that a myth, fated to exist eternally, was born. We'll always believe in the Art of Life that X Japan is for us, when you're shining within us and we're lasting within you. And even now, the stage is still there, waiting... Noi suntem X!


Greetings from Russia!
We love X Japan, and know for sure that your music helps people 'find the way', 'dry their tears with love' and turns the 'Scars' in every heart into 'Jade' by singing 'Scarlet Love Song'.
30 years your music wins peoples' hearts, existing outside of time and genre.
Thank you Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, hide, Taiji! Forever Love!
Мы - Х!


30 years Light of true Art, perfection in music, X JAPAN our endless inspiration, made our souls full of love, curing our wounds. X JAPAN our precious treasure & Joker of life! Beautiful Rose that will bloom forever! FREAKING FOREVER LOVE Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Taiji, Sugizo! We Are X!


Dearest X
We hope you drop by Singapore on the next world tour and meet the merlion and X all of us here. Singapore loves X Japan!! We Are X!!


It's been 30 years now that you have helped, inspired and encouraged people's lifes. You've made your dreams true, proving it's best to stand out. Here, maybe there aren't many fans, but we all love you and want to see you live. We're patient, because "Patience brings roses to bloom". Thank you, all seven members and we wish you another 30 years of activity! MY SME X !


We have been following you for 30 years, and Spain is ready to be Xed! Nosotros somos X


Dear X Japan, Happy 30th Anniversary
You have a lot of Swedish fans which we are representing.
We really appreciate your hard work and have deep respect for what you do.
With this message we want to say Thank you, you're amazing. We love you and... 


For 30 years I have been living with ups and downs, same as X Japan now. Thanks for that and keep on rocking! Mir si x!


Happy 30th anniversary X Japan! Thank you for coming to Taiwan for two times. We want to be Xed again. Come back soon! The show must go on and we'll keep on rocking! Taiwan loves you forever! 我們是X!!!


First Of All, Congrats! X-Japan is now 30 years old. But its just only 30 chapters for this never-ending story. Our biggest dream came true after you've heard and listened to our voices,and finally came here,in Thailand, to make us blossom again with joy and shed the tears of silent happiness.
Yoshiki, You Are Right, We Are Not Alone! and neither are you!! X-Japan will always be in our hearts forever. Thailand Fxxing loves you! and... เราคือ X




I like your music it makes me happy, I wish I could write more but the limit is 50 words. So I like your music and everything, I'm not a crazy fangirl and I wish you luck in everything you do and produce, just remember to take a break everyone now and then. Hope to see you in concert when you come to the UK.We are X!


It's impossible to express all our feelings which your music wakes in our hearts. Your every song, every glance, every smile inspires us. We do hope to see you here in Ukraine! We love you so much! You  conquered the whole world! Thank you for everything and never stop! Long live X Japan!
Ми Х!

Please continue touching our souls with music and show to the world what Japanese music can give!!! Happy 30th anniversary from Uruguay! Somos X!

Happy 30th anniversary X Japan from all your fans in the USA! Thank you for all the amazing music you have given us! Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, Taiji and HIDE, We forever love you in our hearts and can't wait to see you again! WE ARE X!


X Japan is like good wine, over the years they have just became better and better, even through hard times you had reborn like a magnificent phoenix. It's hard to believe that you guys had been rocking for over 30 years now. We love X, our children will love X and so our grandchildren, because SOMOS X!


It's been 30 years and you're still walking on the journey of music. Let your dream continue to inspire people. We're proud to be Vietnamese X freaks and we forever stand by you. CHÚNG TA LÀ X!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update (español)

Hola a todos! Este mensaje ha sido enviado a todas las personas que confirmaron su participación en este proyecto. (Nos disculpamos por enviarlo a todos aquellos que no pueden o ya no van a participar en el)

Han habido algunos cambios que queremos informarles a todos así que les agradeceríamos mucho si lo leen hasta el final:

Las fechas de entrega han cambiado, las hemos prolongado para estar seguros de que todos terminen las etapas para entonces:
-Para los mensajes que ustedes debían decidir ahora la nueva fecha de entrega es el 6 de mayo.
-Para enviar los vídeos y cualquier otro material opcional (fotos, fanart, covers etc) la entrega será el 24 de junio. (Tienen 50 días para esta etapa)

La segunda cosa importante será que te unas al grupo de tu país y hacer tu mensaje. Aquí se encuentra cada uno de los grupos: http://xjapan30.blogspot.com/2012/04/important-update.html
Por favor entra en el de tu país tan pronto como te sea posible y realiza el mensaje (el escrito que será eventualmente dicho en el video)
Si tu país no aparece, eso significa que solo hay 1 persona y los grupos son mínimo para 2 personas. (una gran disculpa para aquellos a los que ya habíamos contactado y ahora están trabajando en su mensaje o lo habían terminado pero por favor prosigan leyendo este anuncio)

Otra actualización muy importante (que tu encontraras en el link de arriba también):
Debido a la variedad del numero de participantes entre cada país:
- Para los países con un participante escribirán su mensaje en 20 palabras máximo
- Para los países con más de 50 participantes nos gustaría que pudieran tratar de escribir su mensaje con la siguiente equivalencia: El número de participantes que tengan multiplicado por 2.
- Para los países de 2 a 49 participantes, su mensaje debe ser de 50 palabras máximo.
Por favor también consideren que en el video, antes del mensaje del país habrá un avatar. Si nosotros no recibimos uno, el avatar será la bandera de tu país. Por favor checa nuestro F.A.Q para más detalles: (http://xjapan30.blogspot.com/2012/03/frequently-asked-questions.html)

Y para finalizar, acerca de "donde debo enviar mi material (vídeos y cualquier otro opcional)":
-Para los países con Street Teams, por favor envienlos a su mail o contacten con ellos por medio de los grupos de Facebook. Por favor digamos si tienen problemas contactando con su Street Team (Facebook a veces no envía los mensajes, manda 2 para estar seguro de que efectivamente fue enviado)
- Para los países sin Street Teams, manda tu material al mail del ST de Rumania:

Si tu tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor pregunta en el muro del evento oficial o mandanos un mensaje en la página del ST Rumano (mensaje directo o en el muro): http://www.facebook.com/pages/X-Japan-Romanian-Street-Team/212019575542246

Nosotros podríamos enviarles más mensajes en un futuro, en este modo es más fácil mantenerlos actualizados, así que por favor chequeen su bandeja de entrada regularmente.
Muchas gracias a todos! We Are X!

Credits: @aPinkSpider

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Important Update

The deadlines have changed to 6 May for the message(that you are supposed to choose ) and 24th June for the videos/photos/covers etc.
Please don't forget that your country will also have an AVATAR before the messages of people from that country . If you will not send us an avatar that you want to appear in the video, before your country's message, it will be your country's flag.

(due to the various number of participants from country to country)
- For countries with one person will write their message in maximum 20 words.
- For countries with 2-49 participants, the message must be of 50 words maximum.
- For countries with more than 50 people we'd ask to try to compose the message with "the number of participants" X2 words.

If your country does not appear , it is because there is only 1 person, and the groups are for minim 2 people. Countries noted like this: Country* have a Street Team that is helping with this project.You can contact these Street Teams by their E-mail or directly contact the admins by joining the Facebook Group. The people who are from countries with an email, please send your video/cover/picture/fanart there. The other countries will send to the X Japan Romanian Street Team's email (x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro)

Please JOIN your country's Facebook Group and also decide the message there

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

E-mail(X Japan Brazilian Team): xjapan30thanniversaryBrasil@gmail.com

 Facebook Group
- Rosanne Sutanto (admin of X Japan Canada)

Facebook Group
- Carolina Franz (admin of X Japan Chile)

Baidu post(Used as a Group)

Facebook Group
E-mail: wearexjapancolombia@hotmail.com
- Zulay Anais Suarez Castillo (admin of the group)
- Jennifer Morales Fula (admin of the group)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Hong Kong
Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Korean SNS


Facebook Group
E-mail: 30aniversario@xjapanmexico.com



Facebook Group(Organized by the Romanian ST) 

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group
E-mail: xjapanperu@hotmail.com

Facebook Group
E-mail: xjapanst@gmail.com

E-mail: xjapanportugal@hotmail.com 

Facebook Group
E-mail: x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro
- Sonny XFreak (admin on the forum -sonny-): lena0911@inbox.ru
- English speaking coordinator - *Лунный свет* (Victoria Zhigalina): violetpsyence@gmail.com

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Event(Used as a Group)
Facebook page
E-mail: xjapan-balkan@hotmail.com
- Svetlana Stricevic (admin)

Facebook page(Used as a Group)
Sam Goh (admin of the Street Team): ecks.de@gmail.com


Facebook Group

 Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)


Facebook Group( X Japan in Thailand @ Facebook )
X Japan Live in BKK 2011 By X Japan Mania Club Thailand
- Rastafa Pamm(Pam from X Mania Thailand): xjapan_samsib@yahoo.com
- NUi Pannamon (Nui from X Japan in Thailand Facebook group): xjapaninthai_fb@hotmail.com


Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

Facebook Group(Organised by the Romanian ST)

E-mail: xjapanvzla@hotmail.es
- Betzabeth Telle (admin)
- Roselys Brito (admin)

Facebook Group

Sunday, April 22, 2012

한국어 번역 메세지

여러분 이미 알고 계신 분들도 계시겠지만 우리 팬들이 X JAPAN 데뷔 30주년을 기념하는 이벤트를 기획하고자 합니다.
아래 부분이 상세 안내입니다. 참가를 희망하시는 분들께 많이 알려주세요.
먼저, 참가희망 인원수를 파악 해야하기 때문에, 참가를 희망하시는 분은 아래의 메시지란에 성함과 국가명을 적어주세요.
다음은 이 프로젝트의 참가 항목들을 말씀 드리겠습니다.
(필수사항과 선택사항으로 나뉘어 있습니다.)
1 (필수사항)
    메세지를 적어주세요. 메시지는 한 명 당 최대 50글자까지입니다. (그 이상은 표시되지 않기 때문에 주의바랍니다.) 메시지의 내용 안에 반드시 [X JAPAN] [30]이라는 단어를 넣어주세요. 상상력을 발휘해 좋으실 대로 메시지를 적어주세요!
   각국으로부터 보내온 메시지를 확인 후 그 중에서 엄선된 메시지를 촬영합니다. (녹화는 자신이 직접 하셔야 합니다.) 영어를 못하는 분은 깃발이나 천, 보드 등에 메시지를 쓰셔도 무방합니다. 메시지는 한국말이어도 상관없습니다. 메시지의 마지막 부분에 반드시 [X]포즈를 양팔로 하면서 [We Are X] (:우리는 X)라고 한국말로 말해주세요.
만약 동영상을 보낼 수 없을 때
[X]포즈를 할 때 상대방에게 잘 보이도록 양팔에 [30] (한쪽 팔에3 다른 한쪽에0)이라고 쓰고 사진으로 찍어서 보내주세요.
동영상에서는 반드시 얼굴이 나오도록 찍어주세요.
얼굴을 공개하기가 꺼려지는 분은 화장을 하거나, 안경, 선글라스를 쓰거나 해서 찍으셔도 괜찮습니다.
동영상을 찍을 때 할 수 있는 것 (필수사항은 아닙니다)
X JAPAN의 티셔츠를 입거나, 분홍색의 머리, X JAPAN을 연상시키는 화장과 헤어스타일, 코스프레, 배경에 X JAPAN의 굿즈를 놓기, 또는 X 멤버의 인형을 안는 것.

   동영상을 찍을 때 하면 안 되는 것.
여기서 우리들이 우리들의 모국어(한국어)로 말 할 수 있는 유일한 것은 “We are X(우리는 X)” 입니다. 만약 그 외에 말하고 싶은 것이 있다면 아래쪽에 적혀있는 Street Team(각국 팬 모임)에 연락 해주세요.
2.    (선택사항. 아래는 희망하시는 분만 하셔도 됩니다.)
   더 하고 싶은 것이 있거나 메시지를 촬영 할 수 없거나 혹은 [3][0]을 팔에 쓴 사진을 보낼 수 없는 경우에는 아이디어를 제공하겠습니다.(팬 아트-포스터나 그림 등-의 사용은 괜찮습니다.) 또한 만약 이걸 해보고 싶은데해도 될까?”라고 생각하시는 경우는 이 이벤트의 wall(페이스북 페이지)에 남겨주시기 바랍니다.
   팬 아트는 참가자의 자작품만 사용 가능합니다.
카피(X JAPAN의 곡을 악기로 카피하는 등)도 허용됩니다. 이 경우에는 여러분의 나라 이름을 메시지에 적을 때 카피를 한다는 내용을 적어주시기 바랍니다.
   원한다면 메시지의 동영상 촬영은 없이, 커버만 팬 아트만 사진 만 보내주셔도 좋습니다.
보내는 방법
메시지를 촬영한 후 YouTube에 업로드 해주세요. 이 때, 동영상을 링크주소로만 볼 수 있게 선택해주세요. (영상이 공개적으로 보이지 않게 하기 위해) 그리고 그 링크주소를 보내주세요. Mediafire를 사용하셔도 됩니다.

기한 (프로젝트가 날짜에 맞춰 진행될 수 있도록 기한을 지켜주시기 바랍니다.)
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참가희망예를 클릭

참가희망하지않음아니요를 클릭

[아마도 참가]라는 답변은 할 수 없습니다. 다만, 기한 후에 참가를 희망해도 괜찮습니다.

메시지 제출 기한 : 2012 4 28()

동영상 및 작품 제출 기한 : 2012 5 12()

The deadlines were changed! Read the first pharagraph of this post: http://xjapan30.blogspot.com/2012/04/important-update.html

질문이 있으시면 이 이벤트의  wall에 기재해 주시기 바랍니다. 가능한 한 신속하게 대응해드리겠습니다.

Romanian Street Team e-mail :


 (한국어 접수 가능)

중요!) 트위터에서 YOSHIKI에게 이 링크나 이벤트 링크를 절대 보내지 마세요. 우리는 이 이벤트를 멤버에게 서프라이즈로 하려고 합니다.

Credits: @evardilla, edited by 그네군(
グネ) @androidtown @XJapan_Korea

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Traduzione italiana del messaggio

Come dovreste sapere, questo è un progetto dedicato al 30 ° anniversario di X Japan. Quindi, abbiamo intenzione di fare qualcosa. Che cosa dovete fare?

Innanzitutto, per favore lasciate un commento con il vostro nome e paese in modo che si possa avere un'idea del numero di persone partecipanti.
In secondo luogo, il progetto ha due sezioni, quella obbligatoria (1), quella optional(non obbligatoria) (2).

1 (Sezione obbligatoria)

PRIMA FASE: Dovrete scrivere un messaggio. Vorremmo che fosse un massimo di 50 parole (massimo!). Dovrà contenere le parole "X Japan" e "30" e lasciate andare la vostra immaginazione selvaggia! Il messaggio dovrà essere scritto in inglese. (I fan giapponesi possono avere il loro messaggio in giapponese)

SECONDA FASE: Dopo che faremo raccogliere i messaggi provenienti da ogni paese, che dovrete registrare voi stessi, dovrete registrare il messaggio. IL MESSAGGIO ANDRA’ DETTO IN INGLESE!
Le persone che non parlano inglese possono scrivere il messaggio in una bandiera o in un cartellone. Alla fine del messaggio, si dovrà dire "Noi siamo X" SOLO nella propria lingua e fare il segno “ X” con le braccia. I fan giapponesi possono dire il loro messaggio in giapponese.

NOTA: Se non potete registrarvi, potete scrivere 30 sulle braccia, ad esempio “3” su un braccio e “0” sull'altro, in questo modo diventa visibile quando si esegue la X, è sufficiente, quindi, inviare l'immagine.

NOTA: Il VIDEO che registrate deve avere la vostra faccia! Se non vi sentite a vostro agio, indossate trucco, occhiali o occhiali da sole.

Cose che POTETE FARE: (È possibile e non è obbligatorio) indossare la maglia degli X Japan / Avere i capelli rosa / trucco o acconciatura ispirate agli X Japan / Cosplay / Oggetti ispirati agli X Japan sullo sfondo o tenere in mano un peluche ispirato a loro.

Cose da NON FARE (tutti sono obbligatori): L'unica cosa che si può dire nella tua lingua, è "Noi siamo x". Contattate lo Street Team del vostro paese se avete bisogno di domandare qualcosa.

2 (Sezione non obbligatoria, solo se lo desiderate e solo se vi è possibile)
Cosa fare: Se volete fare qualcosa di più, o se non vi è possibile registrare il messaggio o scattare una foto con il 3 e lo 0, vi daremo alcune idee. Le Fanart sono accettatie Se avete qualche altra idea, ma non sapete se può essere utilizzato, sete pregati di postare sulla wall di questo evento.
IMPORTANTE: Utilizzate solo i VOSTRI disegni!

COVER: Sì, sono accettate. Nel messaggio in cui si dice da quale paese siete, diteci se anche voi volete fare una cover.

NOTA: Se lo desiderate, è possibile fare solo la cover, solo la fanart o solo l'immagine e non il video registrato.

Fine della parte 2.

COME INVIARE: Dopo aver registrato il messaggio, ci piacerebbe che lo caricaste su youtube, impostando l’opzione * solo le persone con il link possono vedere il video * e che inviaste il link a noi. Anche l’uso di Mediafire è consentito.

Prima scadenza: 9 aprile. Siete pregati di fare clic su Sì o No, non "forse " sulla wall dell’evento. Ma se volete partecipare anche dopo tale termine, è possibile.

Seconda scadenza: 28 aprile: Vorremmo che questo fosse l'ultimo giorno in cui i vari paesi inviano i loro messaggi.

Terza scadenza: 12 maggio. Per questo giorno vorremmo avere tutti i video e tutte le cose della parte 2.

The deadlines were changed! Read the first pharagraph of this post: http://xjapan30.blogspot.com/2012/04/important-update.html

DOMANDE: Se avete qualsiasi tipo di domande, siete pregati di scrivere sulla wall di questo evento. Qualcuno vi risponderà il più velocemente possibile.

L'email rumeno Street Team: la x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro

IMPORTANTE: (!) Siete pregati di NON inviare a Yoshiki questo link o il link dell'evento su Twitter.
Vogliamo che tutto sia una sorpresa!

Credits: Camilla Rossi(facebook)

Nota: Se ci sono errori grammaticali, per favore contattate il traduttore della versione italiana(facebook, o Chemy_sunray@libero.it)