Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Text from the slides in the trailer

~The text written on the slides of the first demo-animation video~

1.         As you have probably got used to this, do NOT send this link to any member of X
(Also, don't tag Yoshiki or ToshI on Facebook or "@" Yoshiki or Sugizo on Twitter)

2.                But spread this YouTube link around the fandom, among your X friends
Don’t forget to read the description of this YouTube video,
for some clarifications you might need
Important: the final deadline was moved on 1st of July.
This is the last change made in the schedule

3.                                                                     Purpose of the trailer

4.                     This is a trailer made to answer some of your doubts and questions.
And show you (in a demo-animation) how your recorded videos
will be assembled into the final form, and what a country’s video will look like

 5.                    This is just an example because each processed video will differ
from country to country, depending on the number of participants and what they send

 6.                                                                More about the Yoshikitties

 7.          The animation was made with Yoshikitties, representing the people from a fictive country 
They are dressed in 15 representative costumes from around the world but, in this animation,  they are supposed to represent only one country

8.              The order of the Yoshikitties' appearance was randomly chosen and their number
       was limited, so we couldn't include all the participant countries.  
But we want to thank everyone who involves and participates in this project.
                                    Together we can do it! \o/

 9.    This his is the demo-message said by the Yoshikitties (it was made especially for the trailer,
                      it wasn’t taken from any country’s message posted on the blog)

30 years…
They have passed
in a blink of an eye.
All this time, you
have stayed with us,
inspired us,
made us smile,
through your music.
At least,
we can show you
our appreciation,
thanking you
for the time together,
by saying:
Congratulations! We are

11.                      Now, enough with the talk, here is the animation. Hope you like it!

12.                                                                                 Last notes

13.          If you have any other question, or an unique  idea and you don’t know if it can be used,
                                       ask us on the Romanian ST’s email. We'll surely answer!
Don't forget, the deadline for sending your materials is July, 1st!
One more thing: if you really want to say something to a certain member,
you can record another video, from which just a little part will be taken

14.       *Only* For countries with Street Teams involving (search the link for this at the description), send them the materials (videos/photos/fanarts/covers etc.) and only the questions to the Romanian ST

15.                                We hope we've answered some of your unspoken questions
                    through this video(and don’t forget to check this YouTube video description)