Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final messages

Hello! We have received most of the messages that will be said.
This is not the end of the project yet, the next step is recording yourself saying the message and send it to our email. Please choose only your country's message and no other message! If you will add more words to the message, or change it, that part will not be shown, so it's not worth trying. These messages cannot be changed, if you want to change it, please contact us on the mail(x_japan_romanian_street_team@yahoo.ro) and tell us why.
Some messages are not posted yet, we are waiting for them (we detailed more about this issue in the message we sent on facebook). Please don't think that the countries that haven't posted yet are inspiring from the other messages, if we see the smallest resemblance, we will ask them to redo that part.
Please tell us if there is any problem with your message. If your country's message isn't here then we did not receive it through mail, fb groups or our fb accounts.

Also, please check the first question on the FAQ'S regarding the avatars for countries(also an important part) Click here and look at the first question

 Avatar update español: credits @aPinkSpider

NOTE: In the video, please speak loud, clearly, slowly if you need to. No one is rushing you, take your time. The more you are away from the camera, the louder you will have to speak. If you have to read the message and can't learn it by heart, it is understandable. Please look in the paper, speak, look again, speak. You looking in the papers will not be shown on the video, only one part where you are talking. Also, please don't speak the "We are X" part like "Wearex!" *in your language, of course, we are now saying it in English just to give an example* Please say it more like "We are...X!" *just a small space between the words, so you can put accent on the X*
If you are doing individual videos, you are not allowed to edit them.
If there are group videos, you can if you want, but it is entirely optional and up to you.

NOTE: When you send us the video/picture/fanart/cover, please specify the country. In the case of covers and fanarts, please also give us your name or nickname(to know whom to credit).

NOTE: Countries noted like this "Country*" already have an avatar.




Thanks for joining us in the days of happiness and sadness. For sharing his thoughts and prove that it is possible to fulfill our dreams if we work really hard for them. Our bond will never break because we are part of the same feeling.
Thanks for existing. Happy 30th Anniversary.




We celebrate your thirty birthday. We love you very much, you're inspire us! You're the best of the best. We really believe, that we meet you forty and fifty birthday! WeAreX! Мы Х!


Hi X Japan, we are *insert name* from Belgium, we want to thankyou for making wonderful music for all those years, and al those wonderful times! We hope you can once come to Belgium! We love you,keep on making music,we will keep on listening forever.Wij zijn X!

Thanks for do a rose breath love in our lives. Your talent, love, and dedication do not end here 30 years and more, the rain will not stop falling.
We are your fans from Bolivia, Nosotros somos X!


This year with Yoshiki, hide, Heath, Pata, Toshi, Sugizo and Taiji in our hearts, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of a legend called X Japan, an endless dream, an unconditional passion, an uncontainable love that makes our souls deeply scream as just one voice: Nós somos X!


You’ve told us “nothing is impossible”. October 3rd, 2010 in Vancouver and October 7th, 2010 in Toronto, you’ve made us Canadians X fans, young and old, believe this and wanting more! Thx guys! Happy 30th anniversary X Japan and to many more! With love from Canada…Nous sommes X! We are X!


Hi X Japan! We are from Chile and we are happy to participate in this great Project…
X Japan has been with us for years, your songs and lyrics have touched our souls. We are proud of you, so we send you the biggest hug from our hearts.
Now the best band in the world celebrates 30 years and the hope that X-Japan returns to Chile increases every time we watch your videos. We’ll be waiting for you.
Thank you for inspiring everyday in our lives with your music. X Japan will live forever in us.
Congratulations and keep on rockin’! ¡Somos X!


We can't SAY ANYTHING to express our FOREVER LOVE when we heard THE LAST SONG of X JAPAN, all we can see is the SCARS on our hearts, then the TEARS fall down like the ENDLESS RAIN that we can't control you are the JADE for us, we even can't feel the ART OF LIFE WITHOUT YOU, we have a strong LONGING for world tour. 我們是  X!


We want to congratulate you for your 30th aniversary of artistic life, and we express our great love for you... Simply, thank you very much for existing, for sharing this great talent of you with us, thank you very much. Somos X!



30 years Light of true Art, perfection in music, X JAPAN our endless inspiration, made our souls full of love, curing our wounds. X JAPAN our precious treasure & Joker of life! Beautiful Rose that will bloom forever! FREAKING FOREVER LOVE Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Taiji, Sugizo! We Are X!

Czech Republic

Happy 30th anniversary X Japan! Take care and keep the awesome job. You are the best! My jsme X!




We still see your endless rain of Dahlias 
Falling on our hearts
Today, we'd like to participate in the celebration of the 'X Japan's Forever Love'
Because 'We are X', for 30 years now and forever
Because X is the sign of unfinished possibilities 
And because this is the Art Of Life.
Nous sommes X!


Dear Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, hide and Taiji,
Thank you for 30 years of great music. This brought us together as X family. You achieved so much, we’re sure there is more to come! We are proud to be your fans! Let’s eat Currywurst together soon!
Wir sind X!!!

Hong Kong

Happy 30th Anniversary~! 
Thank you for bringing us those amazing music all the time.
You 7 guys are the legend. We are very proud of you!
Wish you'll keep rocking 'til the world ends.
Please X Hong Kong again and we fxxkin' love you!! 

(note for Hong Kong about "WE ARE X" part: in Chinese for the message and in Cantonese in the video)




30 years have passed since X JAPAN first rocked the world but X JAPAN is still THE BEST. Happy 30th ANNIVERSARY, please keep rocking and proving that dreams do come true. Thanks for all of the experience and music. We're looking forward for anything from you. Kita adalah X!


When the stars bright and free stay together 30 years – it’s a miracle. Please continue to be what you are.
אנחנו יקס


Once upon a time, in the far east, there was a crowd jumping:
screaming "X" to the music, x-crossing arms up.
Thirty years later, that soulful sound spreads,
it melts with eternal feelings and gives us
the soundtrack for our dreams.

To X Japan, greetings from Italy!!!
Noi siamo X.








X-Japan = infinity. Congratulations & we all feel proud to be a part of X-Japan in this 30 years & nothing can stop us, we will keep rocking! Kami adalah X.


A darkened stage, millions of people waiting with their hearts beating hard while they listen to a deep voice calling out the name of the band "X JAPAN"; the light comes on strongly, the music softly becomes the only surrounding sound. Not even the screams of excitement could manage to overshadow it.
A legend that has reached many countries and cultures, breaking the language barriers and differences between customs, since we speak through your music which ignores prejudices and makes us brothers, makes us become one. Your music soothes our hearts, because it creates calm. Your passion conveys energy and speed makes us jump.
A million of decades are nothing if you stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.
Thanks for giving us all your strength, your tears and for teaching us that to cry in the name of the pain can be just as beautiful as to cry in the name of love.
Thank you for devoting your life to the creation of beautiful melodies and for sharing them with us.
That's why you deserve more than our respect and our gratitude.
Congratulations on your 30th anniversary.
Our hearts haven't stopped even for a single moment.
For thirty years the blue blood has been flowing through our veins, for thirty years we have been blue roses exposed in the dessert, for thirty years we have been X with you and have sung to the pain and the love at the same time, making us forget all the sorrow, we hold hands to shout in one voice: SOMOS X!




Hi X-Japan! We are *insert name*from Morocco. Happy 30th anniversary! We're looking forward to our first X-japan concert, it would be a dream come true. We are very proud to be your fans, your music amazes us in every situation, we always feel great through you. Take care, we love you. Nahno X!


It's hard to believe that X Japan already exists 30 years, because your music is still f**king awesome! Keep on rocking, playing and touring. You made our life so much better! Wij zijn X!

New Zealand 

Hi from New Zealand! Just as your music is always here for us, we will always be there for you. We are X!!




We are more than fellows, more than friends, more than brothers. A stronger feeling joins us. Somos Uno, Somos X


Hi X Japan.We're all very excited to know that you're watching us. We have no words to tell you all our feelings but you know that we are so glad because you came to our country and you gave us the best concert of our lives. We hope to see you again around here. SOMOS X!


Greetings from the Philippines!!!

30 years of great music
30 years of standout performances.
30 years of existence
30 years of unforgettable experience.

30 years living off tours
30 years of writing good songs
30 years of companionship
30 more years
X Japan, the greatest!!!

Happy 30 years!!!
Kami ay X!!!!


Hello X Japan,

Psychedelic Violence, Crime of Visual Shock! It's (...)* from Poland here. Thirty years passed, but we are going to spend next thirty years and more with your music. We love you and wish you the best! Hope you'll visit Poland one day. Jesteśmy X!
(...)* = name




The stage was awaiting and you joined it.
It has started 30 years ago. Will it ever stop?
Back then, no one could have ever guessed that a myth, fated to exist eternally, was born. We'll always believe in the Art of Life that X Japan is for us, when you're shining within us and we're lasting within you. And even now, the stage is still there, waiting... Noi suntem X!


Greetings from Russia!
We love X Japan, and know for sure that your music helps people 'find the way', 'dry their tears with love' and turns the 'Scars' in every heart into 'Jade' by singing 'Scarlet Love Song'.
30 years your music wins peoples' hearts, existing outside of time and genre.
Thank you Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, hide, Taiji! Forever Love!
Мы - Х!


30 years Light of true Art, perfection in music, X JAPAN our endless inspiration, made our souls full of love, curing our wounds. X JAPAN our precious treasure & Joker of life! Beautiful Rose that will bloom forever! FREAKING FOREVER LOVE Yoshiki, Toshi, Hide, Heath, Pata, Taiji, Sugizo! We Are X!


Dearest X
We hope you drop by Singapore on the next world tour and meet the merlion and X all of us here. Singapore loves X Japan!! We Are X!!


It's been 30 years now that you have helped, inspired and encouraged people's lifes. You've made your dreams true, proving it's best to stand out. Here, maybe there aren't many fans, but we all love you and want to see you live. We're patient, because "Patience brings roses to bloom". Thank you, all seven members and we wish you another 30 years of activity! MY SME X !


We have been following you for 30 years, and Spain is ready to be Xed! Nosotros somos X


Dear X Japan, Happy 30th Anniversary
You have a lot of Swedish fans which we are representing.
We really appreciate your hard work and have deep respect for what you do.
With this message we want to say Thank you, you're amazing. We love you and... 


For 30 years I have been living with ups and downs, same as X Japan now. Thanks for that and keep on rocking! Mir si x!


Happy 30th anniversary X Japan! Thank you for coming to Taiwan for two times. We want to be Xed again. Come back soon! The show must go on and we'll keep on rocking! Taiwan loves you forever! 我們是X!!!


First Of All, Congrats! X-Japan is now 30 years old. But its just only 30 chapters for this never-ending story. Our biggest dream came true after you've heard and listened to our voices,and finally came here,in Thailand, to make us blossom again with joy and shed the tears of silent happiness.
Yoshiki, You Are Right, We Are Not Alone! and neither are you!! X-Japan will always be in our hearts forever. Thailand Fxxing loves you! and... เราคือ X




I like your music it makes me happy, I wish I could write more but the limit is 50 words. So I like your music and everything, I'm not a crazy fangirl and I wish you luck in everything you do and produce, just remember to take a break everyone now and then. Hope to see you in concert when you come to the UK.We are X!


It's impossible to express all our feelings which your music wakes in our hearts. Your every song, every glance, every smile inspires us. We do hope to see you here in Ukraine! We love you so much! You  conquered the whole world! Thank you for everything and never stop! Long live X Japan!
Ми Х!

Please continue touching our souls with music and show to the world what Japanese music can give!!! Happy 30th anniversary from Uruguay! Somos X!

Happy 30th anniversary X Japan from all your fans in the USA! Thank you for all the amazing music you have given us! Yoshiki, Toshi, Pata, Heath, Sugizo, Taiji and HIDE, We forever love you in our hearts and can't wait to see you again! WE ARE X!


X Japan is like good wine, over the years they have just became better and better, even through hard times you had reborn like a magnificent phoenix. It's hard to believe that you guys had been rocking for over 30 years now. We love X, our children will love X and so our grandchildren, because SOMOS X!


It's been 30 years and you're still walking on the journey of music. Let your dream continue to inspire people. We're proud to be Vietnamese X freaks and we forever stand by you. CHÚNG TA LÀ X!!

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